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My name is Larry Hicks... and I can read your mind.

Why do I say that?

Because you see, most people looking to upgrade their home have three concerns when they come to an "about us" page like this.

They are:

"Is this company credible and trustworthy?"
"Can I count on a GREAT job with no painful surprises?"
"Will this company treat me AND price the job FAIRLY?"

My answer to all three is a resounding "yes"... but this is YOUR HOME we're talking about!

A simple yes" won't do. So let me explain:

1. We at Hicks Carpet One Floor & Home have been serving San Antonians since 1939. Let me repeat that... we've been proudly working with this community for over 70 years! That kind of longevity is only possible by treating people right. (If we weren't trustworthy, someone would have run us out of town long ago!) Our customers agree... and we're proud of what they've said about us.

2. All of us here, the Hicks Family, (and I DO consider them family…) have always been hired, trained and re-trained to do the job correctly, quickly, and with utmost respect for both you and your home! We know that this is what will keep you coming back…and that's what keeps us in business.

3. The absolute BEST way for us to answer the third question from above is to offer you a FREE, PAINLESS, "NO HASSLES" CONSULTATION. We know that the more comfortable you feel and the more you know BEFORE your investment directly equates to how happy you are AFTER it's complete. Because of that, a member of our incredible team will give you their undivided attention, listen to all your needs and tell you everything up front. DON'T WAIT! To take advantage of this now, simply click here to schedule your consultation.

We're in our FOURTH GENERATION of Hicks in the business and we are PROUD to be helping the children of customers from years ago! I want to keep it that way. I look forward to serving you.

Thank you!

Larry Hicks
Hicks Carpet One Floor & Home

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